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Who Are Enhypen Members? Name, Age & Birthday

Who Are Enhypen Members? Name, Age & Birthday

Enhypen is all set to make their 2024 comeback with a new studio album, Romance: Untold. Before the album’s release, we look at the profiles of rising icons Enhypen’s members, including their birthdays, ages, and unique qualities of the stars.

The debut of Enhypen was an exciting journey. Mnet and Belift Lab created a new reality show, I-Land, where 23 participants competed to debut in a new rookie group. Ultimately, seven promising rookies made it to the final lineup who debuted as Enhypen.

After the I-Land finale, Enhypen members debuted on November 30th, 2020, with their first extended play, BORDER: DAY ONE. Since then, the K-pop septet has released over six EPs and two studio albums. The group will drop their third studio album, Romance: Untold, on July 12, 2024.

Profiles of Enhypen Members from the oldest to the youngest

Enhypen members’ ages currently range from 23 to 19. The oldest member of the HYBE group is Lee Heeseung. The youngest member, aka Maknae, is a Japanese rookie star named Ni-ki. HYBE groups do not make the oldest member the group’s leader.

So Heeseung, or even the second oldest member, Jay, is not Enhypen’s leader. Jungwon, the 20-year-old Korean artist, is the leader of the Belift group. However, in Enhypen’s case, Heeseung was offered the leadership role but refused.

It’s been four years since their debut, and Enhypen has grown up with its fans, showing a different side of themselves with every new release. Here, we explore every member’s profile and how every star complements each other perfectly.


Birthday: October 15, 2001

Lee Heeseung is the oldest member of Enhypen and the group’s Main Vocalist. In most comebacks, Heeseung plays the center role. His enigmatic expressions as a center help the group emote the themes beautifully.

Before joining I-Land, Heeseung was a BigHit trainee at the home of K-pop trendsetters BTS. In the finale of I-Land, he snagged the fifth place with over 1,137,323 votes. TXT member Beomgyu revealed that Heeseung is in a group chat with several famous K-pop stars of the same age, including Stray Kids‘ I.N, Beomgyu, and JUST B‘s Lim Jimin.


Birthday: April 20, 2002

The Korean-American artist Jay Park is the second-oldest member of Enhypen. The 22-year-old rookie ranked second in the finale of I-Land with over 1,182,889 votes. More than singing, Jay’s specialty lies in hip-hop bounce and dance, which are other genres. He follows EXO star Kai as his role model.


Birthday: November 15, 2002

The Korean-Australian trainee Jake Sim ranked third at the finale of I-Land, scoring over 1,179,633 votes. In addition to singing and dancing, Jake is interested in playing musical instruments, especially the Violin.

Jake also became the brand ambassador of Tiffany & Co., along with teammate Sunghoon. They got the title of “Friends of the House” of Tiffany & Co. in 2024.


Birthday: December 8, 2002

Park Sunghoon ranked sixth in the I-Land finale with 1,088,413 votes. Before becoming a K-pop star, Sunghoon made significant achievements in ice skating. Sunghoon won two international advanced novice competitions, the Asian Figure Skating Trophy and the Lombardia Trophy, during the 2015-16 figure skating season.

The 22-year-old singer also started his solo endeavors after debuting with Enypen. Along with IVE’s Wonyoung, he hosted the weekly show Music Bank. He also made his acting debut in a cameo role in 2022 by appearing in Playlist’s web series Mimicus.


Birthday: June 24, 2003

Kim Seon Woo, aka Sunoo, almost did not get the chance to debut with Enhypen. He scored 935,771 votes and stood at 8th rank in the final. But he was the producer’s choice, making him eligible for the final lineup.


Birthday: February 9th, 2004

Yang Jung Won, aka Jungwon, started as a SM trainee before entering the show I-Land. The 20-year-old is multi-talented and became Enhypen’s leader by showing his calm and resilient side. He also ranked first in the I-Land finale with 1,417,620 votes.

Apart from singing and dancing, Jungwon is well-versed in taekwondo. He follows BTS Jungkook and Justin Beiber as his role models.


Birthday: December 9, 2005

Japanese rising star Ni-ki is the leading dancer of Enhypen. The 19-year-old ranked fourth in the I-Land finale with 1,140,718 votes. His excellent dance moves have earned him many titles, including I-LAND’s No.1 Dancer / I-LAND’s Best Dancer title in episode 6.

All seven members of Enhypen are on their way to carving their individual identities. The group’s third album, Romance: Untold, has revealed solo concept images of each member. The album will drop on July 12 at 1 p.m. KST and 12 a.m. ET.

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