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Why Was Boogie2988 Accused of Faking Cancer Diagnosis by Destiny?

Why Was Boogie2988 Accused of Faking Cancer Diagnosis by Destiny?

Controversial streamer Boogie2988 was called out for allegedly faking his cancer diagnosis on a recent podcast. Boogie2988 (born Steven Jason Williams) claimed in November 2022 that he had been diagnosed with polycythemia vera, a type of blood cancer. However, when confronted and asked for proof by Destiny (born Steven Kenneth Bonnell II), Boogie went on the defensive and refused to provide evidence.

Did Boogie2988 fake his cancer diagnosis?

As of now, there’s no proof that Boogie2988 has or doesn’t have cancer. On the Lolcow Podcast (NSFW), Destiny called Boogie out and asked him to share his medical records. Boogie immediately went on the defensive and refused to provide any evidence. Even after Destiny pledged $5,000 toward Boogie’s medical treatment to have his records privately and independently verified, Boogie refused.

Destiny’s hypothesis is that Boogie was diagnosed with secondary polycythemia, which is an absolute increase in red blood cell mass caused by enhanced stimulation of red blood cell production and isn’t cancerous. He and others on the program stated that they believed that when he received the secondary polycythemia diagnosis, Boogie googled “polycythemia,” saw the definition of polycythemia vera, and assumed that’s what he had. They claimed that Boogie would have been so eager to create a video detailing he had cancer that he wouldn’t have confirmed his diagnosis and that he would have been too embarrassed to retract his statement afterward.

After Destiny left the stream, Boogie confirmed that he doesn’t plan to ever release his medical records, probably 50-100 more times. More money was offered to Boogie along the way, and others on the podcast brainstormed various ways he could show his diagnosis while keeping his privacy intact. Boogie only responded that he wants to “keep one thing about his life private.” He also said that people would still call him a liar, even if he provided evidence of his diagnosis.

As the podcast continued, Boogie continued to say he wouldn’t provide his medical records “on principle.” However, when called out for allegedly scamming his fans out of $5-10K in a recent crypto scam, Boogie said, “Yeah, and that is different than tweeting all my medical records.”

In response to the allegations, Boogie said he’s “leaving the internet” and promptly deactivated his Twitter account. However, despite his erratic and confusing behavior, it’s important to note that no hard evidence was presented to prove or disprove Boogie’s cancer diagnosis. We encourage readers to abstain from making derogatory comments toward Boogie while we wait for solid confirmation as to whether he did or didn’t fake having cancer.

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